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I’m Nosheen Khan

A Pakistani American multi-platform entrepreneur, author, Saaspreneur, business coach, queen of 100s AND YOUR BIGGEST FAN 🙌. Who has been slaying the online game since before it was cool :)

If you've stumbled upon my little corner of the Internet, chances are you're either a digital marketer, an agency owner, a business owner or you're toying with the idea of diving into entrepreneurship. Either way, you're in the right place!

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I have been there where you are

Scattering free content and paid “opportunities” into the void of the Internet with
of winging it, missing my son’s football games to meet client deadlines, and having nothing but
burnout and business debt
to show for it…My business has now earned more than
$100 million in revenue.
I’ve served more than 89,000 students in my online courses. And my podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, receives over 1 million downloads
every month.How?Growing my email list. Creating 1 digital product. Rinse. Repeat.It’s the simple online business cycle
I love to teach
because it yanks you right off of the virtual content hamster wheel and into the financial abundance that the scale of the Internet allows.Want to find out how your experience and expertise fits into this equation?